We built Maxwell to change the game for small and midsize mortgage lenders — whether you originate $300M or $3B. Today our digital mortgage platform powers hundreds of mortgage lending institutions nationwide, from non-depository mortgage banks, to credit unions, to brokers, to community banks. We work to make them, and their employees, the real heroes who enable homeowners to achieve the American Dream. And we’re just getting started.

Maxwell was founded in 2015 by homebuyers who were shocked by the complexity of the mortgage process for borrowers and lending teams alike. Somehow, in the mix of paperwork, points and process, the humanity and emotion of the largest financing decision of a person’s life had been lost. After spending a year with over 1,000 mortgage professionals, the founding team realized we needed to focus on making the people who make a difference really shine. Now, we employ a world-class team of software experts and mortgage professionals who pull up our socks every morning to do just that. We’re privileged that our company has been recognized by HousingWire, Progress in Lending, MReport, and others as a leading innovator in our industry. At the end of the day, we are a committed team doing honest work that really matters in the real world — one lender, one borrower, one homeowner at a time. And it works.

What we believe

Our values guide the decisions we make and how we treat each other and our partners. At Maxwell, our values represent what we stand for and they continuously influence our culture, our work ethic, and our hiring.

rigor RIGOR

We execute with speed, intensity, and attention to the details that matter. We don’t let perfection get in the way of excellence.

kindness KINDNESS

We consider the impact of our decisions and behaviors on others. We express gratefulness as a mode of work towards our teammates and customers. And, whenever we get the chance, we laugh and have fun together.

ownership OWNERSHIP

We are all owners of the company, so we act like it. We balance every stakeholders’ needs in decision-making, we communicate intentionally and we’re obsessed with our customers’ success.

curiosity CURIOSITY

We experiment constantly. We always, always walk a mile in our users’ shoes to understand problems and solve them. We ask great questions before assuming answers and always think in the future.