This Week in Cybersecurity: May 08-14, 2022

Major News Stories

  • This week, F5’s BIG-IP network appliances (software and/or hardware devices used for proxying, load balancing, etc.) gave a good reminder of why it’s always good to ensure that device management interfaces aren’t exposed to the public internet: CVE-2022-1388 allowed an unauthenticated attacker to run code on the devices. Several honeypots reported seeing attempts at running rm -rf /*, aka. erase the entire file system!
  • Also this week, released a security advisory for CVE-2022-29176: “The advisory was about a bug, which allowed a malicious user to yank certain gems, and to upload different files with the same name, same version number, and different platform.” More information and a nice succinct break down of the issue here.
  • A few interesting deep-dive reads from the week:

Other Software with Critical Patches Available

  • Microsoft’s May 2022 patch Tuesday was this week. Some pretty important patches landed for actively-exploited 0-days, so patch your Windows systems ASAP.

Learning – CVE-2006-4111

Ruby on Rails first CVE was CVE-2006-4111, publicly disclosed on Monday, August 14, 2006.

Earning itself a CVSS score of 7.5/10, the vulnerability affected Rails versions < 1.1.5 and allowed, “remote attackers to execute Ruby code with ‘severe’ or ‘serious’ impact via a File Upload request with an HTTP header that modifies the LOAD_PATH variable.” [1]

In Ruby, the LOAD_PATH variable is used to tell Ruby where to look for files: “The [Ruby] require keyword searches for the dependencies in the array [set by] $LOAD_PATH and tries to load it for the file that has a dependency on [a] certain library.” [2]

Thus, this CVE allowed attackers to modify the locations Ruby searches for executable scripts via a simple file upload. Bonus points to any attackers who figured out how to get Ruby to execute their uploaded file by adding the file uploads directory to the LOAD_PATH - yikes!

[3] There’s also a fun historical write-up with a code diff here

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Written on May 13, 2022 by Alex Smith

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